The New Year approaches


The Janus factory has a history dating back over several generations. Over the years, markets have changed, technology has evolved and society in general has developed with the times. However, one thing has remained unchanged throughout the passing years, and that is the strong will to survive at the Janus factory.
I personally believe that working at the factory gives us this will to survive - climbing the stairs that are worn in the middle from all those who have climbed them for decades before us. These people have worked long and hard, created new products and hoped for success. Just as we do today.
Sitting here now in December, with the delightful aromas of Christmas lunch and the sounds of happy voices and glasses raised in toast at the Janus factory, I know that we have achieved yet another goal.
Enjoying their lunch are all the people who have done their utmost throughout the year to achieve goals and keep within budgets, whether they work with cutting, design, patterns, colours, knitting, sewing, AD, sales or with orders and finance.
We can all now celebrate yet another year of success.
And our gift to oneanother is security and a great place to work. We also have to send a huge thank you to our customers, who once again have gifted us with their confidence and the ability to grow. A number of our customers have remained loyal to use for close on 80 years.
The Janus factory is approaching its 120th anniversary, and to celebrate, we plan to open up our vaults and archives.
Full of designs, patterns, photos and film from generations ago, it will be a true joy to share these treasures with you all.
Happy New Year to all our partners and customers.

Kind regards, Janne Vangen Solheim

Owner and CEO

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Janne Vangen Solheim


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The New Year approaches

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