Janus go unisex

Janus go unisex

Art: 4270-73-940

Art: 4270-73-940 - Size: 140-170

Art: 4270-77-940

Art: 4270-77-940 - Size: 140-170

Art: 4270-76-940

Art: 4270-76-940 - Size: 140-170

Janus go unisex

Janus go unisex

Art: 4270-87-940

Art: 4270-87-940 - Size: 140-170

Art: 4270-0-886

Art: 4270-0-886 - Size: One size

Art: 4270-0-720

Art: 4270-0-720 - Size: One size

Art: 4270-0-940

Art: 4270-0-940: Size: One size

Janus go unisex

Janus go unisex

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Janus Go is a sporty, new design collection for the older children in your family, from 10 to 16 years of age. The collection includes T-shirts, tops, polo-neck tops with zip, long johns/leggings and boxer shorts. Manufactured in a jacquard knit in a modern mix of wool and silk, they will keep your children warm, even when wet. The hats are made from 100% wool, with a fleece lining. With Janus Go, you look cool and stay warm, whether you are going snowboarding or just going to school.

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