Art: 4101290-274

Art: 4101290-274 - Size: 110-140

Art: 4101104-404

Art: 4101104-404 - Size: 110-140

Art: 4101290-621

Art: 4101290-621 - Size: 110-140

Art: 4101290-404

Art: 4101290-404 - Size: 110-140

Art: 4101290-327

Art: 4101290-327 - Size: 110-140

Art: 4101102-327

Art: 4101102-327 -Size: 110-140

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Janus SummerWool


Janus SummerWool is a new collection from Janus. The garments can be worn in all seasons, but their extreme light weight and comfort make them perfect for use in the summer. Made from the finest, pure new wool, SummerWool garments a delight to wear.
Janus wool garments absorb moisture, keeping the skin much drier than with cotton - and they dry out quicker when wet.
The qualities of wool for regulating body temperature are well known. Our SummerWool also has superb natural breathability.

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