Guidelines for the use of the Janus logo


The Janus logo is a registered brand name and shall be used exclusively for marketing Janus products. The logo may only be downloaded by retail outlets which carry Janus lines, or by graphic designers/advertising agencies commissioned by these retail outlets. All other use is prohibited.
To ensure brand legibility, there is a defined area around the logo which shall remain free of text and other visual or graphic elements.
The grid around the logo shows the minimum amount of space permissible and the protective area required around the logo.
The distance to the logo is related to the height of the brand name, as shown in the figure, and is scaled proportionally to the logo.
The protective area indicates the smallest permissible distance.

The logo shall be well visible and be placed cleanly and neatly relative to the text or image to be published.
It is important for there to be balance between the background and the logo itself. The logo will naturally appear most clearly against a white background, but where that is not possible it can be placed in either the top right-hand or left-hand corner or in the bottom right-hand corner.
The logo can also be placed in the centre of a large image, where it is only the image and the logo that are communicated.
The logo must not be placed against a conflicting or busy background, or against a busy image, so that it disappears into the background. Make sure there is sufficient contrast for the logo to appear clearly.

Janus vectorized logo

In this zip-file you will find the Janus logo in high resolution as a pdf-file, ai-file and eps-file.
It comes in two varieties, one with white and one with black text.

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