Culture Centre

Janus cultural center at Espeland - Bergen

Wool for the whole family at the factory outlet

Janus Kultursenter is a factory outlet located at Espeland, south-east of Bergen. In the store you can buy underwear, dresses, jackets, trousers, hats and socks for the whole family. We have factory outlets in several locations in the country, find out where by clicking here. The clothes are made of the finest wool, produced in the modern factory next door. Janus is one of the largest and oldest knitwear factories in Europe that is still in operation. The factory outlet is located in the original part of the factory, which was built in wood. The building dates from 1895. Janus is naturally and idyllically located by a river. When you visit Janus, you can feel the spirit of the vibrant Norwegian textile industry. You can view large photographs from over 120 years of industrial history and look at machines and equipment from the time when the factory was run using the power of the river. The first floor of the old wooden factory is the Janus Kultursenter, which is a combined factory outlet, historical exhibition and concert venue.