How to wash wool

Slik vasker du ull

- Easy for adults and easy for little ones - straight into the machine on a wool wash programme, liquid wool detergent and air drying, says head of R&D at Janus, Marianne Michaelsen.

- In general, woolen clothes can be washed less often than other clothes, since the wool fiber has a self-cleaning effect and naturally inhibits bad odours. This property also makes wool suitable for trips, training and everyday use, she says.

Michaelsen points out that synthetic materials cannot match the properties of wool fibre. While wool absorbs moisture and sweat without smelling, synthetic clothes should be washed after each use to avoid smelling. Wool's properties in terms of insulation, even when wet, are well known and appreciated by most people.

When Janus woolen garments need a wash, this can easily be done in a washing machine. The vast majority of washing machines have a wool washing programme, so use this and always use special liquid detergent for wool.
- Wool detergent takes care of the fibers and preserves the wool's unique properties. The enzymes in ordinary detergents can destroy the fine structure of the wool fibres, says Michaelsen.

Advice on stain removal

If you get stains on your woolen clothes, pour a little wool detergent directly on the stain. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing the garment as usual. Grease stains disappear if you leave a little Zalo on the stain for 15 minutes. Remember to rinse the garment well so you remove the Zalo before putting it in the washing machine.

Hand washing

Wool garments are usually clean at low temperatures in the washing machine, but can also be hand washed at low temperatures. This does not necessarily mean that you will be more gentle on the clothes than the washing machine's wool program.
- How we wash varies from person to person. If you are too brutal with the hand wash, you can damage the clothes. Therefore, be gentle and remember to spin the clothes at the end. High temperature in itself does not destroy the woolen garments, but if you stir at the same time, things go wrong. That is the reason why woolen garments shrink if they end up in the washing machine with the cooking sink, but keep their shape if they lie still and boil in a pot.

Remember to centrifuge

Woolen clothes withstand centrifugation well. Then the clothes dry faster and keep their shape better. You also get rid of residues of rinsing water and soap. Drip drying soaking wet woolen clothes can ruin the shape.
- We still recommend air drying wool garments, but then after centrifugation. It will give the garment the longest lifespan, says Marianne Michaelsen.