Janus - natural warmth knitted in Norway

For almost 130 years, Janus has mastered the art of knitting wool. Our depth of experience, rooted in the venerable factory at Espeland in Bergen since 1895, means one important thing to you: We know how to make quality garments. Every thread, every stitch and every design choice carries with it a legacy of knowledge and innovation.

When you choose Janus, you are not just choosing a wool garment. You become part of a proud tradition that is synonymous with quality and trust. From cold mornings in the nursery to mountain hikes in changing weather – our garments give you natural warmth for all of life's journeys. That is why generations of Norwegians have proudly chosen Janus, because since 1895 we have continuously worked to achieve real quality and comfort in practice. We use soft merino wool, nature's miracle fiber known for its softness, thermoregulation and moisture control, and combine it with our knitting technique and experience. The result? Clothes that not only feel comfortable, but are also designed to last.


Your choice of Janus is also a choice for responsible and local production. At a time when many companies are moving production to low-cost countries, we have stuck to our roots, invested on home soil and prioritized quality over quantity.


By looking back at our history, we understand what today's customers really need: Natural warmth for all of life's journeys. And while times change, our commitment to you remains unwavering. Welcome to Janus - where tradition meets today's needs.