Janus – the belief in durability and consideration

Wool: Nature's miracle fibre. Wool is the result of nature's own research and development over millions of years. This remarkable material is both biodegradable and renewable, meaning it harmonizes with nature in a way few other materials do. Wool's unique properties, such as thermoregulation and moisture transport, provide a material that is both comfortable and durable. In addition, wool is the most recycled and reused textile in the world, further reinforcing its role as an excellent, durable material.

Knitted in Norway - care from thread to finished garment

At a time when many have chosen to move production to low-cost countries, Janus has deliberately chosen to invest at home. Our factory at Espeland in Bergen is the heart of our production, where we knit around 90% of our garments. Here, renewable energy and strict Norwegian environmental requirements are combined to minimize our impact on nature. As a testament to our environmental integrity, a river rich in salmon flows right past the factory. We only use mulesing-free wool and take care of the working conditions in our sewing factory in Europe, which is wholly owned by Janus' parent company, where we aim to sew 100% of our garments, which means we can stand proudly behind each garment we produce. All trimmings are recycled to minimize waste and maximize resource utilization. We are also working to complete the OEKO-TEX® STeP certification, which will confirm our commitment to a fully responsible production chain.

Just in front of the factory is the railway station with the associated outdoor area. Both of these buildings have been completely renovated to their original condition. Inside the station hangs a large collection of advertising drawings from the well-known Bergen artist Audun Hetland. In its time, the railway station (first built in 1899) at Espeland represented the very lifeblood. Goods were brought both to and from the factory by rail. The founder, Anton S. Stephansen, paid for the station himself and paid the dispatcher to make the train stop. Behind the station, the kissing bench has come up again. In the old days, you got your first kiss on it, and it still happens.

A choice for you and for the future

When you choose Janus, you choose a garment that is the result of our belief in durability, quality and concern for both people and the planet. With our commitment to continuous improvement and responsible practice, you can feel confident that your choice is an investment in a more caring future for us all.