The Janus factory and the Transparency Act

The Openness Act entered into force on 1 July 2022. The Act aims to promote companies' respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions, and ensure the public has access to information about how businesses handle the risk of human rights violations and standards for decent working conditions.

When it comes to our own operations, employees in the Janufabrikkens are encouraged to report objectionable conditions, such as violations of laws and guidelines or in the event of a risk to life or health. All managers in Janusfabrikken have a responsibility to ensure that their own and their employees' behavior is in accordance with laws and guidelines. Management is also responsible for a safe and secure workplace and must ensure that suitable measures are taken to stop, prevent or limit negative consequences.

Janusfabrikken works actively to ensure that suppliers and partners also respect human rights. If there is a risk of a violation of human rights, Janusfabrikken will enter into a dialogue with the relevant company in order to seek to influence it in a positive direction. If conditions do not improve in such cases, Janusfabrikken will consider terminating the contract or collaboration with the company in question.

At least annually, Janus must prepare an account of the company's due diligence assessments, which must be published on the website. Janusfabrikken must, when asked about how the company handles actual and potential negative consequences linked to the company's due diligence assessments, provide written information in accordance with the law's requirements.

Reports are being prepared and will be posted when completed.