Janus History

Janusfabrikken established 1895

It is important for Janusfabrikken to take care of the expertise, culture and history of the textile industry in Norway. Therefore, the factory area is being equipped in view of the growing interest in tours, from both at home and abroad.

You don't get any closer to living history than the Janus factory. Here, old and new skills go hand in hand. Old and new technology buzz and go side by side. Yes, even the designers often go back to old archives to get inspiration for new collections.

Just in front of the factory is the railway station with the associated outdoor area. Both of these buildings have been completely renovated and rebuilt in their original condition. Inside the train stations hangs a large collection of advertising drawings from the well-known Bergen artist Audun Hetland. In its time, the railway station (first built in 1899) at Espeland represented the very lifeblood. Goods were brought both to and from the factory by rail. The founder himself, Anton S. Stephansen, paid for the station himself and paid the dispatcher to make the train stop. Behind the station, the kissing bench has come up again. In the old days, you got your first kiss on it, and who knows, maybe it will happen again?

The old wooden building from 1895, which housed the entire factory in the early years, has now also been completely renovated and serves today as a cultural centre. Here you can experience old machines and parts from the factory's first years as well as a whole range of snare pipes. In addition to the factory outlet, the cultural center also houses its own concert hall. Below the cultural centre, towards the river, a large outdoor stage has been created.

Stephansen has been called a reasonable adventurer. He had to be an adventurer, who wanted to start a factory in the desolate landscape that was Espeland at the end of the 19th century. With two empty hands and a loan from his father-in-law, he laid stone upon stone for the factory. Today, Espeland is anything but wasteland. Thanks to the factory, Espeland is a very vibrant part of Arna district and Bergen municipality. From the humble beginnings in 1895, the factory buildings today represent an area of over 20,000 square metres. The factory has always been an active contributor to the local community. Janus has been involved in everything from housing to sports pitches and music bands, even in our days. Close to the factory, Janus has laid out plot of land which has been turned into a pleasant area with detached houses.

It was the waterfall of Espeland that piqued the entrepreneur's interest. The fast-flowing bodies of water became the basis for an industrial adventure that has continued to this day. It has never been so easy to run the textile industry. Changing fashions and changing technology have always been double-edged swords to deal with. Not to mention changing economic times and competition from low-cost countries. But Janusfabrikken has always shown an indomitable will to live, and an indescribable courage, no matter what obstacles came in the way. Today, Janusfabrikken is owned by Janus Holding. Janne Vangen Solheim is the company's CEO.