Quality and Environmental Policy

In order to secure and maintain our role as a leading manufacturer, it is important to be able to offer up-to-date products with good properties at competitive prices and conditions. This happens by safeguarding and further developing the expertise and production that has been developed since the establishment of the business in 1895. The factory plays an active role in vocational training and has a program for all employees to obtain vocational certificates.

The business became part of the Monte Rosa Sport Holdig group on 1 April 2022. The group also includes the companies Odlo International AG and Henry Lloyd Ltd.

Our collections must meet the users' expectations for comfort and quality. We have a goal that all our products must be manufactured in accordance with Janusfabrikken's Code of Conduct and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

For all customer relationships, delivery times and delivery reliability are important. This is sought to be achieved through a finished goods warehouse which must be adapted to current demand and through good internal and external communication.

The factory collaborates with leading suppliers in all areas of business and works actively to strengthen its offer of goods through close and good cooperation with the supplier network.

Janusfabrikken follows all publicly imposed rules and all the laws that are relevant to our business and our products.

Janusfabrikken has a large production in Norway and is aware of its social responsibility in relation to local and national authorities, the local environment and by showing a clear and active environmental profile.

We must ensure that requirements are met and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality policy

Janusfabrikken is to be a preferred supplier of underwear, intermediate clothing and socks for our customers.

This shall be achieved by:
Deliver good and competitive products according to:

  • The market's demands, needs and expectations
  • Laws and regulations
  • requirements in ISO 9001
  • We must meet the requirements and expectations other stakeholders have for the business.
  • Review our procedures continuously to seek improvement
  • Use feedback from customers and employees for development and improvement projects.
  • Ensure that our staff has the right skills at all times.

Environmental policy

As a production company, Janusfabrikken AS has a great responsibility towards its employees, its local community and other stakeholders when it comes to environmentally responsible operations.

Our company must fulfill current regulations and other requirements relating to our environment, and we work continuously to improve our environmental performance and thereby reduce our environmental impact.

The environmental policy also obliges all employees at Janusfabrikken, where the individual must take into account their impact on the environment in their daily work.

The internal and external environment is secured by all activities being planned, carried out and documented in accordance with laws, rules and regulations.

Through NS-EN ISO 14001 environmental certification, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance by setting long-term goals with concrete objectives.

Areas that are a major focus for us are control of emissions to air and water, energy saving, reducing the use of plastic, trying to prevent unwanted incidents and the correct sorting of all waste.