Privacy Policy – ​​Janusfabrikken AS

This privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data carried out by Janusfabrikken AS ("Janusfabrikken AS" or "we"). For example, we may collect your personal data via our websites (including social networks belonging to third parties), electronic mail, SMS, telephone, shop, registration forms, other contacts with us, via third parties and from publicly available information.

We protect your personal integrity. This privacy policy regulates how we collect, use and protect personal data about you and how you can safeguard your rights in this regard. We ask that you contact us if you have any questions or views regarding this privacy policy. See our contact information in point 10.

When referring to law, we refer below to the General Data Protection Regulation (eng. General Data Protection Regulation, "GDPR") and other applicable Norwegian privacy legislation.



1. What information do we collect about you?

    "Personal information" means information about you that can identify you. In this privacy policy, the terms "personal information" and "information about you" are used synonymously and interchangeably.

    Generally, you can use our website without giving us any information other than the purely technical. In some cases, we must process information about you to respond to your request, for example in connection with purchases and service assignments, or if you register as a recipient of an electronic newsletter. Furthermore, we may use information about you that we have obtained from other sources, made available by third parties, for example marketing or sales companies.

    The personal data collected about you can be:

    • Contact details and information about you - such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number, demographic information (such as date of birth, age, gender, geographical location, favorite product and leisure interests), as well as social security number when there is a factual need for secure identification and the method is necessary to achieve such identification.
    • Financial information – information that is necessary to complete an order or that you use to complete a purchase, such as payment or credit card information.
    • Technical information about your device or internet connection - for example IP address, cookies, geographical location and login details.
    • Information about your user behavior - such as your search patterns and activities on the website, your response time for pages and how you use our services.
    • User-generated information – content you yourself register, provide or publish, for example in connection with customer service conversations, competitions, signing up for newsletters, as well as content you share with us by uploading to our website or social networks (which you allow the network shares with us), such as texts, video clips and photographs.
    • Information from other sources – generally available information or information from our business partners, which we collect to keep our information about you up to date, or to ensure, for example, payment.


    2. Janusfabrikken AS' processing of personal data

      In order for our processing of your personal data to be legal, it is assumed that the personal data has been collected for specific, expressly stated and justified purposes and that there is a processing basis in line with the GDPR for the processing. Below is an indication of which personal data we process, the purposes for which we process your personal data, and which processing basis we have.

      • One of our primary purposes for collecting personal data is to be able to fulfill our contractual obligations to you as a customer in connection with your purchase from us . This applies to processing and delivering your orders, invoicing and other necessary offers connected to the purchase of our products.

      Basis for processing: Implementation of agreement (sales conditions) with you (GDPR Article 6 (1) (b))

      If you do not provide us with the above personal data, we will not be able to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you.

      • We may process personal data to respond to and follow up inquiries from potential job candidates, visitors to our websites, customers and others who contact us, for example through our customer service. We can process personal data such as e-mail, other contact information and other personal data submitted in connection with the inquiry.

      Basis of processing: Our legitimate interest in responding to and managing inquiries to us (GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)).

      We will not be able to answer your inquiry without processing the personal data that is necessary to be able to answer the specific inquiry.

      • In order to process your use of the right of withdrawal, complaints and claims, it will be necessary to process your contact information (name and e-mail), relevant purchases and other information you provide in connection with the use of your right of withdrawal, complaint or complaint. If refund, it will also be necessary to process your payment information.

      Basis for processing: It will be necessary to fulfill the agreement we have entered into with you (GDPR Article 6 (1) (b)), fulfill our legal obligations under applicable consumer law (GDPR Article 6 (1) (c)) and our legitimate interests in to defend ourselves against claims in the event of a dispute (GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)).

      We will not be able to process your claims if we do not get access to personal data that is necessary to process the specific claim.

      • We may process personal data in order to comply with statutory requirements that apply to the operation of our business, including accounting obligations. We may process personal data such as your payment information.

      Basis for processing: Statutory obligations (GDPR Article 6 (1) (c)),

      • Another purpose is to be able to offer you good products and service through customized services, and to be able to deliver better services with more relevant content . We use the information we collect to be able to provide you with information about products you request, but also to understand our customers better. To achieve this, we carry out customer surveys, among other things. Furthermore, we analyze information about our customers' demographic and geographical conditions, interests and behavior based on the information we obtain from our website or other services, so-called profiling. Customer and market analyses, as well as statistical processing, are done on an aggregated level that does not make it possible to identify individual customers.

      Processing basis: Your consent (GDPR Article 6 (1) (a))

      • We may use information about you to - via post, e-mail, SMS/MMS or telephone - send newsletters, inform you about new products, campaigns, offers, competitions and other information about our products and activities that we offer and believe may be of interest for you . We can therefore use the information about you for direct marketing, provided that you have not instructed us that you do not want it.

      To the extent that you do not have an active customer relationship with us [or have had one during the past 12 months], we will, on the other hand, only use your information for electronic direct marketing if you have given your consent to it. Your personal information can also be used for interest-based advertising on the internet via us or the digital advertising networks we collaborate with, and which in some cases can be adapted to your interests, based on information we have collected, so-called profiling.

      You can object at any time to us using your personal data for direct marketing purposes by contacting us in the manner described under "Contact" below, or directly in our electronic mailings.

      Basis for processing: Our legitimate interest (GDPR Article 6(1)(f)) or your consent (unless otherwise expressly provided in connection with the collection of your personal data) (GDPR Article 6 (1)(a)). Janusfabrikken AS's legitimate interest in said personal data processing is to be able to offer you a better buying and customer experience, as well as to provide you with personalized offers and other relevant information.

      • We may process personal data about visitors to our official website. We use cookies and other methods of collecting information to enable the websites to work, improve your navigation on the websites, analyze the use of the websites, provide improved functionality and personalization, and show you advertisements within your field of interest, how personal data such as IP address and your use of the websites can be processed. When we show you advertisements within your field of interest through the use of cookies, our processing will consist of profiling and the transfer of personal data to third parties, such as social media platforms, which display our advertisements.

      Basis for processing: Processing of personal data that is necessary for the websites to function (necessary cookies) is based on our legitimate interest in the functioning of our website (GDPR Article 6 (1)(f)). The basis for the other processing of personal data via cookies is your consent (GDPR Article 6 (1)(a)). You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Statement (link).

      • If you apply for a position at Janusfabrikken AS, we may process your personal data to assess your application , including CV, application, certificates, references and other information you provide in the application, or which we need to process in order to assess your application.

      Basis for processing: Normally, that it is necessary to take measures at the request of the candidate before (potential) entering into an employment contract (GDPR Article 6 (1) (b)). The processing may also be based on our legitimate interest in finding the best candidate for the position (GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)) or your consent (GDPR Article 6 (1) (a)).

      If you do not provide us with the above personal data, we will not be able to assess your application or offer you a job with us.

      • In connection with the administration and management of contracts with Janusfabrikken AS' business partners, suppliers and so on, and for business purposes, we may process personal data such as contact information for contact persons at such business partners, in addition to personal data in contracts, ongoing commercial correspondence, invoices, meeting minutes, etc. .

      Basis of processing: Our legitimate interest in entering into business relationships, fulfilling contracts and managing such relationships (GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)).


      3. Who do we give your information to?

        We process your personal data with the utmost care, and your data is only used by us and selected third parties.

        Third parties that we use to help us run our business (such as for customer surveys and mailings) act as data processors for us and are only permitted to use your personal data on our behalf and for the special tasks they perform for us according to our instructions, and where they act on our behalf. They are obliged to ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and secure. We use the subcontractor Shopify to operate the website. Information collected in connection with the operation of the website is stored on separate servers operated by the supplier. Only Janusfabrikken AS has access to the information collected.

        In order to be able to offer better services and for marketing purposes, we may also forward your personal data to third parties, most often to independent data controllers, so that they can perform a service for us or you, for example address updates, postal or shipping company that will deliver products, insurance company , banks and credit reporting companies or to digital advertising networks with which we collaborate.

        We may also hand over personal data to others in other cases, for example when we have reason to believe that the information is necessary to identify, contact or prosecute someone who may have broken into the website, or who has otherwise broken into or violated our rights or property or the rights of our customers or other visitors.

        You can request a full list of third parties with which we share your personal data. In that case, contact us in line with point 10.



        4. Your rights

          In accordance with the law, you have the right to request information about the personal data we hold about you after you have identified yourself and stated what information you wish to see. Such a request must be in writing, personally signed and sent to the address given below under point 10.

          If you believe that the information about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right by law to contact us with a request for correction. We will correct or update your information.

          You also have the right under the law to have your information removed or demand that we limit the processing of your personal information, as well as revoke any consents. You also have the right by law to have the personal data you have given us transferred (ported).

          Note that it may be required for us to retain some necessary personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations.

          You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that we do with support in balancing interests, including profiling. We must then, after you have specified which treatment you object to, show that there are interests that weigh more heavily. You also have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data in connection with direct marketing.

          We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, and within 1 month at the latest. In those cases where we cannot fulfill your request, we will let you know and why.


          5. How long do we store your personal data?

            We only store your personal data for as long as is necessary based on the purposes that follow from this privacy policy or for as long as is required in accordance with laws and agreements. Your personal information is disposed of or anonymised when it is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it was collected, or when it is no longer required in accordance with laws and agreements. Personal data processed based on your consent will be deleted if you withdraw your consent.


            6. What do we do to protect your personal data?

              In order to prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, destruction or disclosure, we have introduced appropriate standards to protect and secure the information about you that we process.

              The actions are taken to prevent illegal processing of the information about you and accidental loss or destruction or damage to this information. Janusfabrikken uses, among other things, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means that the orders you place are encrypted.


              7. Links to other websites

                Please note that this website may contain links to other websites. These websites have their own privacy statements that describe how personal data is collected and processed. If you provide personal information to a third-party website, the processing will be subject to this website's privacy policy. We take no responsibility for third-party websites or how they process your personal data. We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and terms of use for such third-party websites when you visit and use these websites.


                8. Amendment of the privacy policy

                  This privacy policy may be updated by us. If material changes are made to this privacy policy, we will notify you by placing a clear message on the website or notify you in another suitable place. We encourage you to read through this privacy policy to stay informed about how we process your personal data.


                  9. Complaints and compensation

                    If you believe that your personal data has been processed incorrectly by us, please let us know as soon as possible. You can also complain about our processing of personal data to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (link to contact information).

                    If you have suffered loss or damage as a result of our processing of your personal data being in breach of the applicable law, you may be entitled to compensation. You can then claim compensation from us or go to the courts.


                    10. Contact

                      Janusfabrikken AS is the data controller for the processing of your personal data, in accordance with what is written above here, unless otherwise stated in connection with the collection of your data. Janusfabrikken AS complies with the Norwegian law on privacy. If you have any questions about the privacy policy or our processing of personal data, please send an e-mail to . You can also contact us at the following postal address: Janusfabrikken AS, Stephansens veg 35, 5267 Espeland