Wool is a good friend for babies

Ull er en god babyvenn

Babies benefit extra from wool's wonderful properties.

Small babies do not have a well developed ability to regulate their body temperature as older children and adults. If you dress your baby in wool, you will help the child to stay warm and comfortable around the clock. Wool also has the property that the fiber transports moisture away from the body, should the baby become clammy or wet.
In our Janus Babywool series, we use smart solutions, such as plenty of room for the head through the neck and buttons in the right places, which make dressing and undressing easier for both the baby and the parents. We also know that babies grow quickly, so some of our trousers and suits have pleats at the bottom of the foot and at the front of the sleeve. This can be easily folded down when the child grows. We have also made it possible for you to dress your baby in several layers of wool, for example a bodysuit and tights on the inside and a full suit or trousers on the outside.

Wool all year round

Have you noticed that wool doesn't feel so moist, even when it gets wet? Studies show that wool can absorb 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without the garment feeling wet. Wool also warms even when wet. This makes the wool fiber unique. Wool's moisture-regulating, temperature-regulating and breathable properties make wool a basic garment for babies all year round.

Extra soft and UV-protected

As the innermost layer of wool, you can choose our garments in the quality "Light", which is our lightest and thinnest wool fabric. Lightwool is knitted as a light and cool single jersey quality, which gives a smooth, soft and durable surface. This quality is a first choice for many when the weather gets warmer. Our Lightwool has also been tested for UV protection with good results. We use merino wool for our underwear, which is the softest and best quality for garments to be worn directly on the body. The garments are scratch-free and machine washable with liquid wool detergent.