How to wash Janus cotton garments

- Cotton is a popular natural fibre, it is distinguished by fine spinning technical properties and great resistance to wear and tear, says Marianne Michaelsen, head of the research and development department at Janus.
Cotton fabrics are easy to dye and can be easily bleached. On the other hand, the fabric is not very elastic, creases easily and has poor insulating properties. Nevertheless, hardly any other material is as robust - and withstands so many cycles in the washing machine.


- In general, white cotton can withstand being washed at high temperatures. Colored cotton should
on the other hand, wash at temperatures up to 60 °C due to the risk of bleaching, and with a detergent for colored clothes. In principle, however, you must look at the washing label on the garment. In our washing instructions for cotton, we have chosen to write a maximum of 60 °C. Then the garment will be clean and there will be less wear and tear, says Michaelsen.


Cotton can be dried in the tumble dryer. Depending on how the textiles are made, you should still follow the washing instructions that come with the garment, otherwise there is a risk of shrinkage and surface wear. - Some of our garments, for example Iris Bomull, have a knitted hole pattern, these garments last best by air drying, says Michaelsen.


Cotton can withstand hot ironing (heat level 3) and with steam. Depending on the fabric, it pays to iron the garment inside out. Advice on stain removal:
If you get stains on the cotton fabric, pour a little stain remover or liquid detergent directly on the stain. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing the garment as usual. Grease stains disappear if you leave a little Zalo on the stain for 15 minutes. Remember to rinse the garment well, so you remove the Zalo before putting it in the washing machine.